Our Doctor

Dr. Calvin B. Ross

33 Years assisting patients to get Well without Drugs or Surgery

Calvin Belnap Ross, was born in Ogden, Utah. His father, Dr. Aaron Belnap Ross is listed in the Who's Who of America. His son Hunter LeGrande Ross is presently enrolled in medical school.

Dr. Ross is a board eligible chiropractic orthopedist working with patients with accidents in past their history, sports injuries, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, emotional problems, and post surgery leg length imbalances from hip and knee replacement causing back pain, depression, and sleep disturbances.

Dr. Ross uses scientific methods from natural medicine, including digital postural analysis, tissue mineral analysis, kineseiology to find the underlying root cause of your dis-ease.

A complete evaluation includes a neurological, orthopedic postural analysis, joints, muscles, gut, blood sugar, nutritional balance, biochemistry balance, thyroid function, and adrenal stress.

One of the unique evaluations is a tissue mineral analysis, called a "mineralogram" at the cutting edge of technology with atomic spectrometry to evaluate your mineral analysis. This reveals the underlying root cause of many diseases and illnesses. Minerals control your biochemistry.

Following your personal consultation one-on-one with our doctor you will receive a comprehensive neurological, orthopedic evaluation followed by a report of findings for care. You are the one who decides to accept care.

Some people sadly have given up hope, based on past results results with other doctors.Well you deserve to see our doctor today with a FREE consultation. He will listen to your story and explain what other doctors did not find and obviously did not correct. You will quickly see our doctor will discover why you are not getting well.

The difference in Ross Wellness natural medicine is patients have multiple health symptoms that are happening simultaneously. Specialist have already been consulted, but many body systems are involved, not just one system.

The three most common stressed areas in order of importance is past structural neck and back injuries, nutritional habits, and emotional problems. Each of the three areas is analyzed and each corrected with safe, effective, time tested, natural treatments by the doctor. Results can be immediate after years of suffering.

Medical doctors are trained to prescribe medications to treat your symptoms. Their goal to assist you to control your symptoms with medications for life. The real question to be discovered is WHY are you having these symptoms?

Dr. Ross is a Certified Seminar Leader

Dr. Ross is the Founder of Ross Wellness established in 1982 presently located in San Juan Capistrano, on the Pacific coast of California, latitude 33, USA, where he specializes in natural medicine Pain Relief, Chronic Fatigue, and Sports Medicine. He is the Founder of the American Nutrition Association; Co-founder of MyXperts Train Your Brain and the BodyBestTM Holographic Harmonic Healing System. His present book is BACK
HELP! Getting Your Head on Straight. He is also author of "Your Hormoneous Life," The Secrets of Natural Progesterone, Co-author of Mysteries Uncovered - Train Your Child's Brain for Superior Development in Aptitude, Attitude, and Academics. Dr. Ross is a Certified Seminar Leader, and National Speaker.

Dr. Ross attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah as a pre-med. major while on a downhill ski racing scholarship. After college he joined the Grande Prix professional ski racing tour then attended the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California, USA. With assisting over two hundred thousand patients, including many miracle patient testimonials from grateful patients, he can assist you. Come experience the amazing BodyBestTM Holographic Harmonic Technique , to gain and maintain excellent health today now.