7th Heaven


Used as a very potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal formula. 7th Heaven is used topically.

Argan Oil


Argan Oil Made in Morocco. 100% Pure Organic. 2 oz./60ml

Kokoro Balance Crème


A Profession Strength Natural Progesterone.

Rasayana Oil Pulling


The Science of Longevity 2 oz./60 ml

Super Testron


Male Potency Tonic for strength, stamina, endurance and sexual function and frequency

Total Female Balance


Homeopathic Sublingual Spray



A 2 oz liquid herbal to support the Adrenals and increase energy..

Alfalfa Tablets


Made from Sun Ripened Alfalfa Leaves

On Beet Nitrous Oxide


Organic Beet Root used to relieve pressue in the gall bladder by thinning the bile for increased flow through the liver ducts and gall bladder (Liquid 2 oz). When taken regularly will help stop the Number One Killer in this country, Heart Attacks.



A powder (16 oz) colon cleanser to remove unwanted material from the colon.

EPA/GLA Complex


Marine Lipid with Borage and Vit. E (120 softgels). The most important nutritional supplement to natually thin the blood to avoid the #1 Killer, Heart Disease. Take 1 three times a day.

Formula 303


Natural Relaxant without side-affects or drowsiness. 90 tablets. Formula 303 is a combination of Valerian Root, Passiflora (passion flower), and Magnesium Carbonate.



Natural Liquid (1oz) Herbal Liver Detoxifier

Herbal Clease Kit


Natural Herbal Cleases for the Kidneys, Adrenals, Liver and Bowel

Hormone Heaven


Hormone Balance Pheromone with 100% Pure Essential Oils (1oz).



L-Arginine builds Creatine, which breaks down fat and builds muscle mass by increasing the neurotransmitters at the nerve synapse. (60 capsules)



The most potent amino acid ever studied for stimulating the production and release of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland (60 capsules).



A very potent natural herbal against all pathogens (2oz).

Progesterone Cream


A Natural Progesterone Cream (2oz).



A Liquid herbal (2oz) for detoxing the kidneys to help rejuvenate the powerful adrenal glands..