The Cause and Correction of PMS!

If you have a tidal wave of symptoms (see below) a week to ten days before menses and your symptoms go away shortly after menses. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that your hormone cycle is way out of balance. You have PMS! Also the people around you could easily add to your list of symptom that you are also grumpy, snappy and snarly. The best way they could describe you is you are like a stick in the mud and a real drag to be around. So to help you plan your social and interpersonal activities around your wild hormonal cycle (and potentially serious health risks) here is some planning tips you can use for the next 90 days until you can get the book Your Hormones Life and balance your hormones balanced.

The first scientific fact (as opposed to mythology) you need to understand is that the 28 day female menstrual cycle is directly tied into the 28 day lunar cycle. Just like the moon controls the tides of the great sea's covering mother earth, the moon also controls your neuro-psyhic natural steroid 28 day hormonal cycle. It is an electromagnetic phenomena controlled by energy and chemistry. So with scientific documentation in mind you can make your social plans around knowing this phenomena. Keep a calendar marking your personal cycle. Mark when your menses starts, which should be around the full moon (give or take 7 days). Your menses may be all over the calender, but if know where you are in relationship to where you should be, it will at least give you a start in getting this most important condition under control as soon as possible. Now a week or so after the full moon, which should normally be the time just after menses (remember menses normally happens at the full moon and thereby ovulation [approx. 14 days later] at the dark of the moon. Normally (if that is even possible to figure out with your roller coaster cycle) the time you feel the best is after menses stops which starts the estrogen part of the hormonal cycle. Make your plans accordingly. A note to remember about hormone balance is don't be fooled like everyone else that it is estrogen that makes you feel good and so you need estrogen patches or estrogen shots. Estrogen is for tissue growth inside the uterine wall to prepare it for implantation of an egg. With too much estrogen (from a supplementation outside the body) you are guaranteed growth of fibroid cysts and potential cancer. It is progesterone that makes actually makes estrogen and thereby keeps estrogen in proper balance. The importance of keeping the estrogen hormone proper balance is clearly explained under estrogen dominance or in the book Your Hormoneous Life. Estrogen dominance is the primary CAUSE of PMS because estrogen is unopposed by the essential hormone progesterone.

A Common List of PMS Symptom's

  • Bloating
  • Weight Gain
  • Headache
  • Low Back Aches
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Breast Swelling and/or Tenderness
  • Loss of Libido
  • Fatigue

Note: Compare this list of PMS symptoms to the list of estrogen dominance.

What is the cause of PMS?

You're saying "I know what I have doc." But the most important question is not knowing all the symptoms of PMS, but what is the CAUSE OF PMS? To help you get a clear understanding about the true cause of PMS, compare your PMS symptoms with the list of Estrogen Dominance Symptoms.

Is taking contraceptives pills REALLY SAFE?

If you are taking contraceptive pills, BEWARE you are taking synthetic steroids. You will never have balanced hormones while taking synthetic steroids. ALL synthetic steroid hormones have side effects, even the seemingly harmless synthetic hormone called, "the pill." You will always have some of the common PMS symptoms and they will effect your health today and your health into the future. They are one of the main contributors to this hormonal imbalance disorder called PMS, said differently. If you are taking the pill or any other synthetic steroid (hormone pill prescribed by your doctor) and you have PMS, the PMS is being caused by side effects of those patented synthetic drugs.

In addition to impaired work ability, strained interpersonal relationships, PMS can lead to premature aging and early menopause.

Since PMS is caused by a hormonal imbalance, specifically a decrease of progesterone, the only safe choice of treatment for PMS that really works is a prescription for natural progesterone.

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