In-Home Detox Program

This In-Home Detox Program is 4-in-1

1. Kidney and Adrenal Detox
2. Liver Detox
3. Bowel Detox
4. Liver Flush

I. Kidney and Adrenal Detox

The #1 filters of you blood are your two kidneys and they deserve a natural medicine kidney detox to assist the kidney's in keeping the blood clean. Two of the key products in the kidney detox is Renocom and Adaptocom. This program is easy, safe and very effective. Renocom is a Liquid Herbal Tincture, which contains Hydrangia root, Organic Marshmallow root, Organic Parsley, Organic Urva Ursi, Organic Ginger, Gravel root.

Used to dissolve the 7 different kidney stones inside the kidney filters. Cleaning the kidneys is essential to turn on the powerful adrenal glands that sit atop the kidneys and share the same pollutants. Clean the kidneys and turn on the adrenals.

Adaptocom is a Liquid Herbal Tincture, which contains Organic Tumeric (root), feeds the powerful adrenal glands and Organic Fennel (seed) assist in growing good bacteria in the gut for proper digestion, assimilation and elimination.

For those on hypertensive medication you will want to watch your blood pressure from going too low while doing the kidney cleanse. Your blood pressure may drop below 120/80. You will want to start safely decreasing your hypertensive medication so your pressure does not fall too low.

A bonus to the kidney detox is that the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys. When the kidneys get detoxed so do the adrenals. Now if your energy was low, you were achy, sore and stiff and needed periodic cortisone shots to stop inflammation or painful joints, your adrenals will start working better and your energy will increase, your joints will feel good again, especially following activity or exercise.

II. Liver Detox and Liver Flush

After you have killed the pathogens and finished the Detox you can do a liver cleanse with a product called Hepacom for thirty-days.

Then you are ready for the Liver flush. You probably know of someone who had a gall bladder attack and had to have their gall bladder removed. Well were did the gall bladder stones come from in the first place? With current research and past experience, the liver becomes full of cholesterol stones due to having a diet too high in carbohydrates, sugar, etc. Gall stones come from the bile ducts in the liver. People that are chronically sick, who have allergies, hormone imbalance etc. have hundreds of stones in the liver. It is interesting how remarkable the liver is. It is a know fact in medical literature that the liver has such a reserve of function that it needs only to be functioning 10% (90% not working) and your blood tests for liver function will be normal. It is a fact that people who are chronically sick need to do the liver cleanse every two weeks until they have counted 2 to 3 thousand stones.

I had one patient that was having gall bladder pain. I told her she needed to do a natural gall bladder flush. She was visiting from out of town at the time and when she got home she went to her doctor who scheduled her for a gall bladder operation. She returned to visit several months later and was still complaining of feeling sick. I re-checked the liver and said that the doctor had done a good job in removing the gall bladder, but the CAUSE of the clogged gall bladder was still present. I ask her if she ask her doctor were the stones came from that had clogged up the gall bladder? She said that she didn't ask her doctor that question. I told her that they came from her liver and she still had many stones in her liver that could be easily removed with the liver flush. She said she didn't believe me at first that she had a gall bladder and that a simple gall bladder flush would help her problem, but was now convinced she needed to do the liver cleanse since she did not feel much better. She did the liver cleanse and called me a week later and said she stopped counting stones when she got to 750 stones in just one cleanse.

The liver cleanse is quite simple to make, but can be purchased from the Ross Life Centers. There is no pain when the stones are removed through the bowel. I have recommended the detox to young and old with no problems reported. See testimonial.

The following is included in the natural herbal medicine detox program for the liver flush.
  1. Cold pressed olive oil
  2. Epsom salts
  3. Pure Vitamin C Powder
  4. L-Ornithine
How to prepare and take the cleanse is in the book, "Your Hormoneous Life." The only thing you will need to purchase in addition to the liver cleanse kit is one large or two small fresh grapefruit's to juice.

III. Bowel Detox

After detoxing the kidney's and liver you can now balance the bowel bacteria and be 100% healthy. Bowel cleanse a special fiber called Springreen. It contains powdered Plantago Ovato Slonti, Psyllium Seed plus husks - a vegetable product with minute amounts of soy flour and magnesium trisillicate U.S.P. added.

A teaspoon mixed in water or juice upon arising, and at retiring, gives excellent results.

Killing Germs ( Pathogens) Before They Kill You

The disease of aging has been linked to your body continually fighting pathogens. You don't feel sick. You just don't feel great.

The best way to kill pathogens (germs) is to observe nature. For example take the green hull around a walnut that falls off the walnut tree in the fall. That green hull sits on the ground exposed to all the bugs, the germs and the worms in the world. Guess What? No bugs touch the hull.

For 6,000 years the science of herbology has been used. Nature knows how to protect that walnut seed until it can germinate and grow into a giant walnut tree. If you are trying to get better taking antibiotics, please read "Beyond Antibiotics."

I. The Best Herbal Combinations and Essential Oils To Kill Pathogens

7th Heaven - 100% Pure Essential Oil
Paracom a Parasite Cleanser, Bowel and Intestinal Fortifier

Mother Nature provides us with powerful essential oils distilled from herbs and they are the most powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal natural chemicals and essential oils that nature has to offer for killing pathogens without antibiotics. If you start on a natural herb or essential oil, it is important to follow a few simple things. To pick up your energy while the pathogens are being removed out of the body and to help you sleep soundly at night take the following amino acids:
L-Arginine during the day (4-6 capsules every 4 hours)

L-Ornithine during the night (4-6 capsules 1/2 hour before bedtime )

These amino acids are like dump trucks that can pick up the dead pathogens and carry them out of the body.
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