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You need to realize that your body is a miracle. Think of this: You began as a single cell, one-half from mom and one-half from dad. Now you are a multi-trillion-cell miracle. When you get a disease, you must know what went wrong that changed your course from health to disease. Most of the time it is because we are using the wrong kind of fuel. We already discussed in "Food is Your Most Powerful Medicine."


First, you need to know if you have any pathogens beating up your immune system. That could be, candida, yeast, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Chronic tiredness is one symptom. Painful menstruation with endometriosis can cause severe cramping.

A self-test, you can do on yourself, is to palpate or feel your gut. Start at your belly button and feel with firm pressure in circles. Start in a small circle and go around. Then a larger circle until your circles come up under your rib cage at the top of your gut and touch the hips and pubic bones at the bottom of your gut. The inner circles is the small intestine and the larger circle is the colon. You should not have any tenderness. If you do, then you have a bowel bacteria imbalance, which causes inflammation and tenderness. Obviously there are other symptoms regarding stomach problems; acid reflex, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

7th Heaven is 100% essential oils. It contains a blend of 7 different essential oils including rosemary, geranium rose, tea tree, eucalyptus, pine, black pepper, and palmarosa. It is a topical, put on our skin using several drops every couple of hours.

Paracom is a liquid herbal which contains wormwood, pink root, betel nut, organic cascara sagrada, organic senna, organic wood betony, pumpkin seed, green hull black walnut, black cohosh, organic clove, and organic garlic. It is a herbal liquid tincture put in water three times a day.

The Springreen is a powder herbal, which contains powder psyllium husk and plantago ovato. It is mixed in water or juice two times a day.

One or all of these remedies can be used until the gut is no longer tender when pressing on the gut.

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The Kidneys

The kidneys are filters that pump 40 gallons a day, 131,000 a year. At age fifty that is 6,550,000 gallons. Wow, those kidneys are really pumping! One of the move power things you can do is detox your kidneys.

Now, isn’t it interesting that we clean the filters in our cars, air conditions, vacuum cleaners, etc, however, has anyone ever taught you how to detox your kidneys? Has any diet you have ever been on ever taught you how to get your fat burning system turned on by cleaning the kidneys? No, well that’s why you are still looking for the right answers and correct solutions to solve that problem. We will now show you the Breakthroughs in cleaning out kidneys and unlocking the power of your adrenal glands to burn fat! It is a liquid herbal tincture called Renocom.

The kidneys balance what is called pH. The pH stands for potential hydrogen, but I like to think the pH stands for potential health. The pH of the blood is extremely important. Normal pH of the blood is 7.4. It the pH was to go to high or to low you would go into a coma or tetanus. What stresses the kidneys affecting the powerful adrenal glands is acid ash foods. All grains and all meats are acid. Most all fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Look at your diet on a day to day basis and most everyone eats mostly acid ash foods.

The worst kinds of acid-ash-foods are tea and soda pop and high carbohydrates with grains. What happens when you eat these acid ash foods is it stresses the kidneys. The acid has to be neutralized by calcium from the blood buffer system. To handle the job the kidneys quickly take the acid minerals, along with other toxins and neutralize them into stones. Now you have calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate stones, as well as toxins get stuck up inside your filters (nephrons) of the kidneys.

Over time you start to damage the kidneys and worse yet, the poor adrenals that sit on top of the kidneys share the same pollutants and cannot function to full capacity. What is the outcome? Well for starters, you get fatigued, you lose your stamina, and your get-up-and-go. Stiffness can turn to chronic pain syndromes and your immune system becomes weakened. First with allergies, viruses, bacteria and chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases. It is not a pretty picture. The sad thing is you will never get better unless you give your kidneys a detox and your adrenals turned back on. The good news is, that it is possible with the natural herbal medicine detox program.

The product is a liquid herbal tincture called Renocom. It is a liquid herbal, which contains Hydrangia root, Organic Marshmallow root, Organic Parsley, Organic Urva Ursi, Organic Ginger, Gravel root. Several drops are put in water three times a day for approximately one month. When the adrenals are turned on the Ross Stress and Health Test will be normal. Your blood pressure will come up when you stand up. Your fatigue will go away, along with any stiffness or pain. Your immune system will improve and you will be on your way to burning fat.

The Liver

The most important organ inside your body is your Liver. For maximum weight loss you will learn how to detox your liver. It is a liquid herbal tincture called Hepacom. There is a specific order to these cleanses. The pathogen cleanse is done first if you have pathogens. The kidney is done second because you want the kidney’s to detox to handle the largest organ detox in the body, the liver.

The liver is the master organ of the body and balances all the chemistry, hormones, blood, immune system, etc. You cannot feel good and look great without a well functioning liver. In addition to maximum weight loss, a clean liver is also one of the best anti-aging techniques in the world.

High cholesterol and gall bladder stones are both serious liver problems. To be overweight you automatically have liver congestion because your liver is where all that fat was manufactured.

There are two phases to the liver cleanse. One is called a Liver detox with the herbal liquid tincture product called Hepacom, done over thirty days.

Here is life size examples of actual cholesterol stones that have come from the liver following a liver detox flush. Most people don't stop doing their liver flushes until they have counted at least 1,000 of these stones.

When a liver is congested you have multiple health problems. Believe it or not, when you get your liver clean you will not believe how good you can really feel. I have even had patients who have been sick all their lives and after multiple liver detox flushes they are experiencing perfect health.

When you fix the miracle body and get all the organs working together. Miracles will happen.

The Bowel

There is a constant battle zone between the good guys and the bad guys inside the gut. With the previous kidney and liver detox you are now ready for the Bowel detox. For many years the bowel detox has always been done first. However, with the Bodybest program it is last. Weight loss accelerates when all the nutrients are absorbed to feed the brain, organs, and all the muscles.

Phase I uses two spices in a herbal tincture called Adaptocom to maintain order in the bowel and support the adrenals. They support the adrenal glands and stabilize the detoxification process. These special spices are the best food for the bowel bacteria to multiply. The good guys get stronger, they can beat up on the bad guys, and your digestion is great.

It is all included in a simple easy Herbal Medicine Detox Program that is simple and easy to follow, step by step to lead to feeling better, looking great and extending you longevity for a life of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Your most priceless thing is health is your life. You can take all the pills, potions and lotions you can afford, however if your kidneys, adrenals, liver and bowel are not functioning properly you will still have continued on going health issues.

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