Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are among the #1 disabling diseases in the world affecting 4 billion people. Dr. Ross's book; Back Help documents getting your head on straight is the cure of back pain.

Have you ever heard you only use 10% of your brain? Is this true?

Noble Prize Research documented we use 100% of our brain!

In 1980 Dr. Roger Sperry received a noble prize in brain research documenting the 10% of the brain is used for thinking, healing, and metabolism and the 90% of the brain is used for balance!

What this means is 90% of your health problems are posture related to stress on your bones, joints, muscles, brain, spinal cord, disc and organs.

Back & Neck PAIN is serious business because it means it is stressing your central nervous system that controls and regulates your entire body.

Back Pain is the #1 cause of disability condition in the world and can start with a simple back ache.

The balance system works from the top down.

1. Most all neck and back pain is caused by several problems. The bowling ball syndrome, TMJ, and a genetic short leg each measured before and after your initial treatments.

2. The bowling ball syndrome is where your head is out of balance in relationship with the first spinal vertebrae of the neck called the Atlas caused originally from a physical trauma. The head weighs approximately 10 pounds. When you fall, get knocked down in sports or have a motor vehicle accident the head is literally knocked off balance called the bowling ball syndrome in Osteopathic Medicine.

3. The temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) body balance must properly evaluated before and after each treatment by BodyBesttm Doctors.

4. The genetic is the easiest problem to fix, but the effectiveness is each patients compliance to wearing the lift at all times while standing.

5. These three reasons is why low-back neck pain are the #1 leading cause of disabling diseases in the world. You can't fix low-back pain by treating the low-back symptom only. The doctor has to uncover why your low-back is in pain. It is usually your head from previous traumas anytime in life, it can even happen at birth.

6. Fix the cause and you have the cure.

7. Chronic neck and back pain is a mineral imbalance including water (H20) for hydration affecting the 23 spinal discs. The lowest spinal disc is called L5-S1 where the two nerves go down to each foot. L4-L5 nerve goes down to the knee are the most common lumbar disc problems. Water and mineral hydration happens only under spinal decompression of 20 plus pounds at the disc for 10 minutes followed by Magnesium, Sulfur (Epsom Salts) with additional liquid Potassium Iodide and Iodine applied to the disc with Iontophoresis followed by Phonophoresis. One to three treatments and the chronic pain is gone. The use of natural medicine with no side-effects.

8. Osteoarthritis is an underlying adrenal stress syndrome and hypo or hyper thyroid imbalance affecting all your hormones. A hair tissue mineral analysis (TMA) as the gold standard in the world will uncover the mineral imbalance in parts per million (ppm) and natural medicine recommendations by the doctor will make all the difference in how you feel.

9. Fibrositis is chronic tension in the muscles of the spine due to posture imbalances. The bowling ball syndrome, TMJ, and short leg is easily measured with a digital postural analysis. Normal postural balance is 0-4 lbs. side to side. The recent record of a chronic low-back, right sacral iliac syndrome and ilio-tibial band syndrome is 63 pounds heavier on one side. This patient was seeing a Chiropractor 2 times a month for 2 years? Treatment was not helping. This patients chronic pain is now under control. You deserve to receive this same treatment for your chronic back and neck pain syndrome for fast, safe and effective treatment available to you now.

10. Low back pain is directly associated with your posture. Some people have a genetic short leg inherited from their ancestors. A digital postural analysis in 1 minute will discover the underlying root cause of your back and pain. You can even receive a digital postural analysis free at Ross Wellness before you incur any treatment cost. Your chronic problem can be discovered and then properly corrected in minutes with this natural medicine mriacle treatment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

11. Sciatica pain is created by a piriformis muscle syndrome pressing on the largest nerve in your entire body, the sciatic nerve. Once the imbalance syndrome is discovered and corrected by safe, effective, natural treatment your chronic sciatica program will quickly go away.

The worst thing you could do is:

1. Continue to take drugs that turn off the pain signal to your brain as you continue to get worse. Spinal is a structural problem not a chemical imbalance. Don't keep masking the problem, find the cause and the cure will happen. Pain medications lower your immune system and you will actually get sick. Pain is normal survival signal and must not be ignored. The smart thing to do is to get a second opinion evaluation from a natural medicine back pain specialist. You have chronic pain. The real question is to fix the cause and you have the cure.

2. Continual exercise can cause further pain, spinal disc degeneration, muscle spasm, inflammation, and may worsen your condition.

3. Waiting, thinking the pain will go away. Patients tell me they thought the pain would go away. I say, "let me tell you the secret." Gravity is not going away. Come in and get the imbalance corrected and the pain goes away in minutes.

The BodyBesttm Doctors who specialize in Back and Neck Pain Relief use safe, effective treatment so you can avoid toxic medications and potential unsafe surgery. Following the BodyBesttm Balancing System you are given specific neck and back spinal stretches done at home demonstrated by the doctor.

Spinal disc treatment called "Spinal Decompression" relieves pain naturally within minutes. You will receive a home spinal stretching prescription to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm.

For Your Complimentary Posture and Spine Evaluation by the doctor.

"Safe, fast, permanent pain relief starts with your first treatment."

If the doctor feels you will respond to our special BodyBesttm care, you will be accepted as a new patient, your treatment will be carefully outlined with a cost analysis of care all before treatment begins.

With the BodyBesttm Balancing Technique and Spinal Disc Decompression will all be combined to speed recovery for:

  • Herniated Disc(s)
  • Degenerative Disc Disease, even multiple disc levels in the spine
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sprained Neck & Back Ligaments and Muscles
  • Low Back pain radiating down the leg

Special MRI's are ordered when necessary so the BodyBesttm Doctors will see how to manage your back pain and rehabilitation. Surgery may not be necessary. Commitment to some lifestyle changes may be necessary to minimize further problems.

Our BodyBesttm Doctors can prescribed special back or neck braces, orthopedic traction pillows to relieve neck and back pain for a restful nights sleep to speed healing.

Relief is awaiting you when accepted for the BodyBesttm Doctors natural, safe Pain relief and therapeutic rehabilitation program to live a happy productive life with energy and vitality.

For Your Complimentary Evaluation our BodyBesttm Doctors doctors. Call our local phone at (949) 661-9476 for our next available appointment.

Patients in pain are seen immediately.

For over thirty-three years BodyBest doctors have successfully treated Back and Neck Pain without drugs or surgery, utilizing proven natural safe effective treatments, including deep muscle therapy, spinal disc decompression, deep penetrating Infrared heat, therapeutic massage and corrective spinal alignment for fast, safe and effective back pain relief.

These proven, safe, and effective state-of-the-art techniques get fast results and have changed thousands of patients lives.

You deserve to be the next back pain relief miracle case.

Our BodyBestTM Doctors will give you a personalized Health Report detailing the recommendations and if you qualify as a new patient. Call 949-661-9476 now for your personal doctor evaluation.