Stress and Heath Test

7 Easy Steps Instructions:

  1. The person being tested lies comfortably on their back. Place the blood pressure cuff on the left arm and take the blood pressure. Leave the cuff on the arm for the second test. Record the blood pressure: __________. Go to step #2.
  2. The person being tested now stands up. Take the blood pressure a second time while standing and record the blood pressure again: __________. Go to step #3.
  3. Analyze the results by looking at the two systolic pressure (the high number) readings. The high blood pressure number lying down should come up 6 to 8 points when standing up. When the high blood pressure number comes up 6 to 8 points on the second blood pressure check that means that person is in pretty good health. However, if the high blood pressure number stays the same or even goes down when standing, that means there is a health problem. Go to step #4.
  4. When the high blood pressure number stays the same on the second blood pressure check when standing up, the person has potential health problems, usually meaning the kidneys and adrenals are stressed and need treatment. Go to step #6.
  5. If the high blood pressure number goes down on the second blood pressure test when standing, that usually means the adrenal glands are near exhaustion and are extremely stressed. That usually means the person has potential serious health problems. That person is usually already experiencing fatigue, stiffness in their joints, possibly even chronic pain. Also, the immune system is weakening; even multiple allergies may be present. Go to step #6.
  6. With the kidneys and adrenals are stressed, one must clean the kidneys to turn back on the adrenal glands that sit atop the kidneys. The kidneys are the blood filters of the entire body. When those important filters start to get clogged the adrenals share the same pollutants and must be cleansed. The only way to permanently cleanse the kidneys and turn the adrenal glands back on is clean the kidneys. The safest way to date to clean out the kidneys is a natural kidney cleanse. Research has shown that when the kidneys are not cleansed one’s multiple health problems will remain unresolved until the kidneys are cleaned and the adrenal glands are then turned back on. Once the adrenal glands are turned the energy increases, pain goes away and the immune system strengthens. The success of one’s treatment program is simply measured by the blood pressure coming up 6 to 8 points when standing and also a remission of one’s symptoms.
  7. In chronic conditions repeated Kidney Cleanse, which is called Renocom may be needed until the blood pressure comes up when standing. To maintain your energy and help support the adrenals it is recommended to take during and after the kidney cleanse is two nutritional supplements. One is a natural herbal adrenal support called Adaptocom and second is essential fatty acids (EPA/GLA).

This unique innovative test will help you know how to safely increase your energy; understand the mechanisms of longevity, how to lose your unwanted fat right now, and even possibly save your life.

The test has been developed through the American Nutrition Associations director, Dr. Calvin B. Ross, D.C. Because of the world is under tremendous stress at this time Dr. Ross has told the American Nutrition Association to give the information away immediately and make it available FREE to anyone who needs it.

Dr. Ross's Stress Test Solution