Sugar Control

A kinesiology muscle response test is used that has been correlates with blood sugar tests to find out if you are hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic, opposites (both) or pre-diabetic. This test takes about thirty seconds and is corrected through neurological reflexes followed by a two week BodyBestTM Nutrition Program that is given where food becomes your most powerful medicine to reset the sugar control mechanism through the neuroendocrine system.

The body's fuel control system involves three main organs, which becomes gets out of communication. The liver, the pancreas and the adrenal glands. The liver stores sugar to give the brain energy. When patients run out of energy two hours after eating and cannot maintain mental focus when they haven't eaten they have a liver/adrenal problem and deserve to do Dr. Ross's Natural Herbal Medicine Detox Program, which will clean out the liver and turn back on normal liver and adrenal function.

For maximum weight-loss follow the Ross Life Center BodyBestTM Nutrition Program. You can print the PDF file by simply clicking the print link above. There is so much controversy regarding nutrition. You must realize nutrition is more controversial than politics or religion? However with this specific education nutrition is now a science you can understand and follow with excellent results that may save your life.

Here is how the Glycemic Index works. All foods are now rated with a number. It is called the Glycemic Index of foods. The number system is based around white bread, which has a glycemic index of 100. What the number means is how fast the food changes into sugar in the blood stream. The higher the Glycemic number, the faster the food changes into sugar. The higher the Glycemic number the greater effect it has on raising the hormone insulin, which makes you fat. The lower the Glycemic number, the slower the food changes into sugar. The lower the number the lower effect it has on the hormone insulin, which helps weight loss. Remember, we don’t want insulin to rise too fast. High insulin means:

1. Stresses the pancreas to cause diabetes. When you follow the Carbohydrate Control Nutrition Program above, you will take the stress off the pancreas by eating low glycemic foods that do not stress the pancreas and you will be eating foods that will help strengthen the pancreas. I recommend one natural nutritional product that strengthens the pancreas, which is called Intact Pancreas.

2. Builds fat (cholesterol) inside the liver, which causes allergies and lowers the immune system. It is essential to stop eating high glycemic foods and do a liver cleanse (Hepacom) and a liver flush.

3. High carbohydrates contain the acid mineral phosphorus, which stresses the kidneys with kidney stones and shuts down the adrenals. It is essential to do a natural herbal kidney cleanse (Renocom)

The Glycemic Response Rating of a food also identifies that foods' ability to stimulate the fat enzyme, Lipoprotein Lipase, the "gatekeeper for fat storage in the fat cell." The insulin response of a food, as indicated by its glycemic index or rating, is in direct relation to its "fat storing properties." A food with a high glycemic rating is more fattening than one with a low glycemic rating. The glycemic rating of a food also indicates its acceptability for use by diabetics.

If you want to know more information regarding the Glycemic index you can go to the Glycemic Research Institute web site.