Moringa: The Tree of Life

Date: August 10, 2013 | Time: 11:45am | Posted By: RossWellnessCenter

Moringa Herbal Leaf Tea is one of the most nutritious plants on earth and can be enjoyed by simply using it as a nourishing beverage daily.

Moringa Tea makes a lovely compliment to your morning, an energy booster in the afternoon or, the relaxation you deserve every evening. You can enjoy this healthy delicious tea everyday. Simply order some for yourself online now.

Moringa Organic Herbal Leaves Contain: (See Table Below)

Moringa Leave's Medicinal qualities:

Juice from the leaves is believed to have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and is used to treat anxiety. It is believed to control glucose levels in cases of diabetes.

Mixed with honey and followed by a drink of coconut milk 2 or 3 times a day, leaves are used as a remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and colitis.

Leaf juice, sometimes with carrot juice added, is used as a diuretic. Eating leaves is recommended in cases of gonorrhea because of the diuretic action.

It is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and natural energy booster. This energy boost is not based on stimulants or sugar. No let down affect.

Moringa is also soothing. It helps lower blood pressure and is a sleep aid. Its detoxifying effect may come from Moringa's ability to purify water. Moringa acts as a coagulant attaching itself to harmful material and bacteria. It is believed that this process is taking place in the body as well.

To order a sample of Moringa Tea or to learn more about the benefits and the amazing healing modalilities of the Moringa Tree Click Here
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Food Is the Most Powerful Medicine Because Food Can Ultimately Change Your Genetic Code: The Story of Royal Jelly and the Queen Bee

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Food is Your Most Powerful Medicine

"Eat in the Season Thereof"

Food is our most powerful medicine. That is a very powerful statement. Here's how it works. Food can affect hormones. Hormones are natural steroids that can go inside the cell and communicate with the cell. Inside the nucleus are genes. Hormones can change the genetic code. So there you have a simple description of why food is your most powerful medicine because food can ultimately change your genetic code.

Here is a powerful example of what I mean.

The Story of Royal Jelly and the Queen Bee

During the first three days of larval development, baby Bees destined to become workers of the colony are fed a diluted form of royal jelly-the royal milk liberally mixed with honey. This rich brood food is supplied so generously, the tiny young larvae actually lie in a pool of it within their individual brood cells. The mass feeding of royal jelly comes abruptly to an end after three days. The quality of brood food changes, and the quantity supplied is reduced sharply.

During the remainder of their larval development, baby worker bees are fed bee bread (bee pollen) and honey. Food is given as needed. During the final stages of larval life, the development of the worker larva's sex glands is suppressed. Her sex glands will remain immature and useless for the whole of her life. However, her hypo pharyngeal glands, the glands that will secrete the royal jelly to feed the queen, mature and develop fully. Should royal jelly, even in diluted form, continue to be supplied to these baby workers, a queen would be produced.

Throughout her entire larval and pupil periods, a future queen is supplied with highly nutritive, hormone-rich royal jelly. Nurse bees instinctively supply abundant royal jelly to the larvae deposited in the peanut-shaped queen brood cells past the three-day period of mass feeding of royal jelly to all larvae. Without the rich royal milk, a baby queen bee would fail to develop properly. The end result would be merely another worker for the hive. Royal jelly alone is what transforms larvae in queen brood chambers into queens. As she continues to feed on royal jelly past the three-day cutoff for workers, the queen grows a modified stinger. Unlike those of worker bees, the queen's stinger is curved, not straight. The queen's guard bees take care of hive defense, so the queen herself will never need to sting an intruder or give her life to protect the entrance to the hive. Because the queen uses her stinger only to defend her royal right to rule, she can also retract it after shooting out venom. Unlike a worker bee, the queen does not die after stinging.

There are other major differences in the developmental process, too. As an adult, the queen will have no wax glands. The worker bees build the comb. The queen will have no pollen baskets on her back legs. The workers forage for the foodstuffs of the hive, nectar and pollen, and for propilis. And the queen will have no hypo pharyngeal glands to secrete royal jelly. Nurse bees produce royal jelly.

The queen cells on the comb amidst the capped worker brood cells are the peanut-shaped cells. The queen's sex organs progress to fully ripe maturity as she passes through the larval and pupil stages of her development.

When she emerges as a royal adult queen, her body is noticeably larger and clearly superior to that of her sisters, the sexless workers of the hive. An average queen bee measures 17 millimeters and weighs 200 milligrams, compared to 12 millimeters and 125 milligrams for worker bees. Royal jelly gives the royal beauty a 42 percent increase in size and a 60 percent superiority in weight over the workers of her court.
Nature builds in yet another advantage. Because the queen is so necessary to the colony, her royal development to full adulthood is accomplished in just sixteen days, thanks to her richly royal diet, compared to the twenty-one days it takes a worker to reach maturity. She has another advantage, too. Her life span is measured in years while a worker bee's life span is measured in weeks. A queen lives forty times longer than the ladies of her court. In the wild, a queen lives productively for five to seven years. Worker bees are worn out and die on an average between the ages of six weeks to eight weeks. Workers are expendable. The queen is not. During her remarkably extended life span, the queen will lay up to 2,000 eggs per day. Each batch of brood has a total weight greater than two and a half times the queen mother's own body weight.
The queen feasts on royal jelly her entire lifetime. This miraculous food alone is what insures the queen's superior development and incredible longevity. Remember, a queen does not start off with an inborn genetic superiority. The direct feeding of each and every cell of her body with richly nutritive royal jelly is what first creates and then sustains the queen's superiority for the whole of her extra-long life.

Now remember the only difference between the worker bee and queen bee was not genetics, but food. "Food is your most powerful medicine."

(Royden Brown's Bee Hive Product Bible, Avery Publishing 1993, p. 105-107, ISBN 0-89529-521-0)
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Decreasing mineral levels in the food chain is the key to understanding poor health today.

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Minerals are the basic spark-plugs in the chemistry of life. Minerals create the exchange of energy in the combustion of foods. Minerals are the building blocks of which all living tissues depend."[1] Testing one's mineral balance is the real discovery in understanding one's health. Proper mineral balance is essential in plants, animals, and humans alike.

A new technology, known as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, is a test that is highly sensitive and extremely accurate[2] regarding mineral balance in the body. It is called, a Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA), also know as, a Minerogram, and is considered the gold standard test used around the world for the biological monitoring of trace elements and toxic heavy metals. It is used in both humans and animals for environmental and forensic investigation.

This science was developed in the 1960's by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) quartered at the Vienna International Centre in Austria, by a team of 2,200 multi-disciplinary professional and support staff from more than 90 countries who come from scientific, technical, and professional disciplines.

This most comprehensive, high-tech, safe, fast, and economical test has been used for years by this author in his natural medicine wellness centers, which test he has coined, a Mineralogram.

A mineralogram"a is essential for a doctor in making any complete, comprehensive, and correct diagnoses, of chemistry balance in the body.

All drugs use specific mineral receptor sites. Therefore, drugs as well as natural medicine prescriptions affect the chemistry of minerals in the body. A mineralogram test shows all the minerals before any treatment is recommended. Mineral balance is essential to understand. Are one's minerals in balance or out of balance. Then, the doctor is able to make proper recommendations and prescribe the proper treatment, including chelating any heavy metals out of the body when discovered. A Minerogram test is safely repeated quarterly, to easily monitor one's entire mineral balance, indicative of one's overall health. Keeping the minerals balanced is one of the keys to vibrant health and longevity. The mineral balance, which is probably a mineral imbalance, is the underlying cause of dis-ease. This is the starting place for a doctor's diagnosis, to recommend any treatment that is safe, effective, and lasting, without side effects.

A Minerogram tissue mineral analysis is the standard established test by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for uncovering toxic heavy metals in humans and animals, and is also used to see all the minerals in the body in parts per million (ppm), revealing mineral levels that are low, normal, high, and if toxic heavy metals are present.

All the body's essential minerals are not tested by blood analysis in parts per million as is necessary to evaluate one's trace mineral balance. A Minerogram is one of the most important tests to be performed to determine one's mineral balance, before any prescription drugs, herbal prescriptions, including diet or nutrition changes are recommended; otherwise, the doctor is simply making a guess without confirmation of the underlying root primary diagnose based on a proper mineral analysis. A doctor cannot properly and scientifically prescribe a specific synthetic or natural medicine without seeing one's mineral balance first.

Everyone is looking for the magic pill, potion, lotion, or concoction to take for his or her ills, pains, fatigue, and depressed mental state.

The fact is, the most important factor in societies today, specifically in the industrialized world, is the analysis of toxic heavy metals. Toxic heavy metal poisoning is becoming commonplace. These industrial toxins have even been discovered in the livers of animals at the polar ice caps. Because they are so common, it is very important they are tested, identified, and removed first. When toxic heavy metals are discovered, then one of the underlying root causes of disease has been found, because heavy metals displace other minerals in the same valence of the universal Periodic Chart of Elements, causing serious chemistry imbalances and thereby dis-ease.

Heavy metals are toxic and must be removed with chelation out of the tissues first. The cells cannot work properly with toxic heavy metals. Once toxic heavy metals are chelated out, then other treatments will work and healing automatically takes place once the cells have the toxic heavy metals removed and cellular chemistry is returned to a normal mineral balance.

The body is a natural healing wonder when working properly with all the essential minerals in balance and all heavy metals removed.

The importance in knowing the mineral balance of a patient is recognized when you understand that the United States Department of Agriculture revealed how vital minerals in our vegetables have decreased 80% in the last 80 years, because of commercial artificial chemical farming. This is observed on the following graph-contrasting commercial versus organic farming practices that naturally replenish mineral balance back in the composting soil.

Table 1. Shows average mineral content in selected vegetables, from 1914-1997, on averages of calcium, magnesium, iron in cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and spinach.[3]

[1] Sources: Lindlahr, 1914; Hamaker, 1948; and U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1963 and 1997.

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