Dedicated to Harvey Wiley and the history of Ancient Natural Medicine v. Modern Medicine

Is modern man healing himself or killing himself?

That is now the real question to be discovered!

12,000 BCE - Life span was estimated at 200 years old.

This history story begins with the ancient Greeks who were the first to name our bones. The earliest writings of Plato documented the earliest Greek Kings names recorded from the lost continent of Atlantis.(Book: BACK HELP! - Getting Your Head on Straight, to be published Setpember 15, 2016).

The lost continent of Atlantis is the continent undeneath the Atlantic Ocean where a huge glass-like crystal structure that is smoothe and transparent in the shape of a pyramid resides at the center of the infamous Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Florida USA that is larger than the pyramids of ancient Egypt. At the top of this pyramid, there are two very large holes where the seawater moves at high speed creating a giant vortex causing massive surges of waves and a mist on the surface of the sea balancing the world's ocean currents at this stragetic point of lattitude 33N and longitude 90W at the center of our earth's energy grid. It was sonared back in 1980 yet never revealed to the world.

The name Atlas is the founder of the land continent of the world named Atlantis named after the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Achtoes III translated as Atlas in 2094 BCE known to the Greeks. The ancient mythology of the Greek God Atlas balances the whole world at this key vortex point on planet Earth.

Interestingly the Atlas vertebrae located at the top of your neck balances your head atop your neck.The Atlas vertebrae represent the balance of your head atop your neck balancing your whole body. The bone of the head that balances on the Atlas is the Occipital bone as the base of your head. When the Occipital bone at the base of your head balances atop your Atlas these two strategic bones neurologically balance your whole body against the physical forces of gravity. The head the leader always tries to stay balanced atop your atlas affecting the entire spine balance directly over your hips as the physical center of gravity of your body at your tailbone called the sacrum.

4500 BCE - Natural Medicine v. Modern Medicine

In translation of Egyptian papyrus from the Temple of Edfu back to 4500 BCE, reveals their amazing embalming process used cedar wood, myrrh and frankincense blended by the hight priest to make natural therapeutic formulas for their ceremonies.

3000 BCE - The First Real Natural Medicine Physician was IMHOTEP

The name IMHOTEP means "He who cometh in peace." IMHOTEP was born about 3000BCE and became one of the most brilliant men in all Egypt revered as the god of medicine who has many bronze statuettes, temples and sanatoria bearing his name. Sanatoria today mean hospitals, clinics, spas and health resorts. IMHOTEPs notable distinguished titles included a priest, the king's hysician, architect, sage (wise and learned), scribe, astronomer, prime minister and with so many qualities he was viewed in his day as a magician. He wrote the ancient Egyptian medical text named the Edwin Smith Papyrus after the dealer who purchased it in 1862.

The Father of Natural Healing Medicine was IMHOTEP not Hypocrites

IMHOTEP ushered in the use of oils, herbs, and Mother Nature's fragrant pharmacy for the purposes of natural healing from Mother Nature Natural Healing Medicine. The physicians from Ancient Greece came from Ionia, Attia and Crete to the cities of the Nile to increase their knowledge. At this time, the School of Cas was founded and was attended by Hypocrites or Hippocrates (460 - 377 BCE), whom the Greeks, in their enthusiasm and with some exaggeration named the Father of Medicine.

History easily and clearly reveals that Hippocrates was not the Father of Medicine, but only a student who exploited and taught many of the things already being practiced and already discovered by IMHOTEP.

Hippocrates did write at least 70 books on namtural medicine healing. He strongly emphasized the healing power of Nature, the importance of rest, fresh air, sunlight, proper diet, and exercise in moderation, cleanliness, and tissue manipulation.

Hippocrates did have healing results to the #1 disabling epidemic diseases Back and Neck Pain of our day specifically documented the key role of the spine and nervous system as he wrote:

Get knowledge of the spine for this is the requisite for many diseases.

Manuscripts included "Manipulation and Importance of Good Health" and "Setting Joints by leverage."

Another famous Greek Physician followeed Hippocrates named Galen the Great wrote;

"Look to the nervous system as the key to maximum health."

"Leaving the affected parts alone you will reach the spine from which you will treat the disease."

Galen's fame happened after treatubg a Roman scholar Eudemus' by correcting alignment of his neck vertebrae, which cured an arm paralysis of the scholars arm and hand.

Galen wass superior to all his contemporaries. So successfully did he expose the deficiency of the knowledge of the day and their futility of thir reasoning that he triumphed over his opponents. He discovered that the arteries contained blood and not air, as proclaimed by his predecessors. Nobody dared to advance any ideas or therories contrary to those of Galen the Great.

It is very sad that the Hippocratic Oath is publicly administered to medical students upon graduation from medical schools; however the practice of medicine is far from what Hippocrates taught. "Proper nutrition," he did teach, but medical doctors today do NOT learn nutrition. The pharmaceutical industry produces "patented drugs" that are completely foreign manmade chemicals with deadly side effects to all living ecosystems on Earth.

Furthermore IMHOTEP "invented" and was the "architect" for the first step pyramid built by Pharaoh Djoser at Saqqare. IMHOTEP died about 2850 BCE and was made a demigod. His tomb near Memphis became a sacred place and the site of pilgrimages for those seeking a cure.

2100 BCE - Matria Medica Natural Medicine

We find a very comprehensive Materia Medica in these times of natural medicine-including at least 250 vegetable drugs and 120 mineral drugs, alcoholic beverages, fats and oils, parts and organs of animals, honey, wax and various milks were used as natural medicine.

1500 BCE - The Ebers Papyrus

The Ebers Paprus was over 870 feet long referred to as thetherapeutic and curative schroll documented over 800 different formulations of herbal formulas and remedies referencing other scrolls indicating great success in Egyp treating 81 different diseases discovered in 1817 CE.

Upon opening King Tut's tomb in 1922 CE is the amazing fact 350 liters of oils were discovered in alabaster jars in excellent condition after thousands of years.

500 BCE - 550 CE - The Fall of Natural Medicine caused by Man

About 525 BCE IMHOTEP emerged as a full deity of medicine and he reigned as such until 576 CE at the fall of the Rome Empire when Emperor Justinian put an end to the worship of Egyptian deities, destroyed the temples and decreed Christianity as the religion of state. What a disastrous historic atrocity crime. (Syllabus of the History of Medicine - IMHOTEP: World's first physician known by name; Clifford C. Snyder, MD.)

1st century to 300 CE

The Essenes were a advanced brotherhood living a the Dead Sea around Lake Mareoitis. They lived and promoted the Essene Way of Biogenic Living meaning "life generating" living. Their ancient teachings included paractical wisdom's which generated life, not destroyed it includeing practices recorded in ancient Armamaic manuscripts.

1900 CE - The Very Strange Beginnings of Modern Medicine Uncovered

The actual strange beginnings of so called Modern Medicine is a fact finding history story as a sham and pseudoscience that is now crippling billions of people suffering with the #1 disabling epidemic diseases of Back and Neck Pain around the world today.

The history story begins with Asclepius who represents the healing aspect of all natural healing arts. Asclepius was one of Apollo's sons, sharing Apollo the epithet Paen "the Healer." The Rod of a single snake-entwined saff remais the original healing symbol of ALL medicine around th world.

Aesulpius was the most celebrated Greek Physician. The first medical schools and hospitals, which the Greeks founded, were known as Temples of Aesulapius. About 100 hospitals were scattered around the Roman Empire. Patients were admitted to the temples, only after they underwent a process of purification-abstinence, prayer and fasting. It was here, in these temples of Aesulapius, that the first records of treatment were made and transmitted to posterity on plates of metal, wood, or stone; hygiene rules, mineral water, sea baths, opium and emetics.

God of HermusThe strange beginning fo medicine in the United States uses the symbol of Hermes as the Greek God of commerce, thieves and travelers as a guid to the underwold. The two snaked Caduceus design has ancient and consistent associations with commerce, eloquence, trickery, negotiation and nothing to do with healing medicine.

With these know facts there remains no documented reconcilliation by the AMA of this serious misrepresentation to you the public. This is omission of the truth as a blatent diversion of the established ancient medicine symbol of Asclepius.

This serious foundational beginning problem with modern medicine continues with the use of the original Hippocratic Oath that begins with the inovation, "I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Hygeia and Panacea and by all the gods." The oath swears to Asclepius; however the modern medicine uses the false symbol of Hermes the God of commerce, trickery and thieves NOT medicine.

Collier's National Weekly:

"The Patent Medicine Trust Palatable Poison for the Poor!"

1847 CE - AMA Organized

On May 5, 1947 the American Medical Association (AMA) was organized in Philadelphia, MA.

1867 - Bone-Setting Cures

Sir James Paget, a famous surgeon published his article in the British Medical Journal, "Cases that Bone-Setting Cures."

1876 - Osteopathy

The founder of Osteopathy, Dr. Andrew Still, was a physician from Missouri, who first set about searching for a new approach to disease after being forced to watch three of his sons die from meningitis, knowing that all his medical knowledge and that of the medical world was powerless to help him.

1881 - Beginning of Pharmaceutical Medicines

In 1881 the Proprietary Association was founded who produces pharmaceutical medicines.

1886 - Flower Essences in Healing

Dr. Edward Bach, born in England in 1886, near Birmingham, was one of the prominent people who has worked with flower essences over the ages. With his genius and deep dedication to humanity he reintroduced the very ancient system of using flower essences in healing. He also practiced homeopathy.

1895 - Discovery of "hands on" healing called Chiropractic

The founder of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer -launched the profession of Chiropractic in the U.S. and his Chiropratic son, B.J. Palmer spread the practice also.

1900's-Until 1900, vitamins as such, were called "accessory food factors"

1900's - Vitamine

Casimar Funk, a Polish-American Biochemist coined the word vitamine. He discovered the vital importance of vitamins in human nutrition and health.

1902 - Dr. Wiley first FDA Cheif

One of the most important history facts regarding nutrition is the remarkable story of the famous Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, M.D., PhD. (1844-1930) as the original "Father of the Pure Food and Drugs Act" and "Founder and Author of the Poison Squad."

In the 1800s with almost no government controls, unscrupulous food manufactures tampered with products, substituting cheap ingredients for those represented on labels; Honey diluted with glucose syrup; olive oil made with cottonseed oil; and soothing syrups given to babies were laced with morphine.

Dr. Wiley well tutored at Harvard and Purdue Universities did his excellent job when he was named the Chief Chemist of the Bureau of Nutrition now named the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 1930. Dr. Wiley is considered the FDAs first Chief leader.

Dr. Wiley's story is the actual rise and fall of the people of the United States regarding natural food whole nutrition Act of the Unites States Congress was initiated by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, "to investigate the character of food preservatives, coloring matters, and other substances added to foods, to determine their relation to digestion, health and to establish the principles which should guide their use. Dr. Wiley became famous after he organized what became by the media as the “Poison Squad ibn in 1902.”

The rise and fall of the people of the United States regarding natural healthy whole food nutrition story began in 1902 when Dr. Wiley received authority and commissioned by the United States Congress with $5,000 dollars to test for a period of five years the health effects of food additives, food preservatives and food coloring. Dr. Wiley established his nutrition-testing lab restaurant in the basement of the Bureau of Nutrition located on what is now Independence Ave., in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Dr. Wiley's testing subjects were strapping strong young men in their prime of life. The test results were so shocking the media picked up the research and published regular stories that spread across the nation like a wildfire and his subjects were named as The Poison Squad!

1905 - New Pure Food and Drug Act

With public outcry and support, women banded together, notably the Federated Women's Club, for political influence. Dr. Wiley gained tremendous momentum in authoring and introducing the Pure Food and Drug Act to Congress in 1905 passing the Senate 63/4 and the House 241/17 in1906 and signed by the United States President Theodore Roosevelt becoming actual law on January 1, 1907.

1906 - Vitamins Required for Health

Sir F.G. Hopkins, English Biochemist, noted that most food factors, (meaning the vitamins) besides carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and water are also REQUIRED for health.

1907- Pure Food and Drug Act Law

“A Pure Food & Drug Act” went into affect signed by President Roosevelt. Enforcement of the Pure Food and Drug Act then assigned to the Bureau of Chemistry in the United States Department of Agriculture under the direction of Chief Chemist Dr. Wiley. The federal law defined misbranding and adulteration of food for the first time and prescribed penalties for each act.

This law was principally a truth in labeling law designed to raise standards in the food and drug industries to protect the reputations and pocketbooks of honest businesspersons. Sounds a little a fairytale story too good to be true and guess what, is actually was just that.

1908 - Thomas A. Edison Famous Quite

Thomas A. Edison said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Gunther Endevian, a German M.D. developed the Dark Field microscope for studying live blood specimens and founded the Sanum Company.

1912 - Dr. Wiley forced to Resign


The initial victory of natural whole food in the United States, U.S.A., was short lived. Within just a mere five years on March 15, 1912, Dr. Wiley forced to resign working so hard to protect the public, but he soon discovered his assigned position as the United States Chief of the Bureau of Nutrition seemed very impressive, but his seemingly authority under the law became absolutely useless. It was clearly stated in the law itself that the Bureau of Chemistry was authorized to examine all samples of suspected foods and drugs to determine whether they were adulterated or misbranded. If this examination disclosed such facts, the matter referred to the courts of the United States for final decision. Many companies guilty misbranded and adulterated foods made appeals to escape by appearing in court in defense of their practices.

Various methods employed to secure this end, many of which were unfortunately successful. Dr. Wiley said,

"One by one he found that the activities pertaining to the Bureau of Chemistry power were restricted and various forms of manipulated food products were withdrawn from their legal consideration and referred either to other law departments or were directly relieved from further control. These supposed legal restriction's came to a head in the summer of 1911 with trumped up charges of misconduct made against me by my colleagues to a forcible separation from my public service."

Following an extensive investigation by Congress lead by President William Taft of the United States, completely exonerated Dr. Wiley from any wrongdoing.

Following this all-encompassing investigation Dr. Wiley expected things to change however, he cam in daily contact with men who secretly plotted his ultimate destruction. Dr. Wiley published the book, The History of a Crime Against the Food Law. The following closing lines outlined both the promises of his legacy and the evils it would have avoided:

"The health of our people vastly improved and their lives greatly extended. The manufactures of our food supply and especially the millers, would devote their energies to improving the public health and promoting happiness in every home by the production of whole ground, unbolted cereal flours. The resistance of our people to infectious diseases greatly increased, by a vastly improved and more wholesome diet. Our example would be followed by the civilized world and thus bring to the whole universe the benefits which our people had received."

Hopkins and Funk found that a deficiency of certain factors in food were from lack of vitamins.

1912 - Specific Vitamins Needed

Hopkins and Funk, first felt that a deficiency of certain food factors could lead to diseases---that certain deficiencies are caused by a dietary lack of specific vitamins.

1920 - No Synthetic Vitamins

No synthetic vitamin products were available or even known to the public.

1921 - Maternity Bill

Dr. Wiley's crusading articles continued contributing to the passage of the Maternity Bill, which allowed Federal funds for improved infant care and led to the a reduction of the appalling infant mortality rate.

The legacy of Dr. Wiley still lives on at Good Housekeeping and represents the gold standard of the Good Housekeeping Institute where staff memebers remain vigilant about determining which products may receive the Good Housekeeping Seal and the magazine's consumer services department vigorously investigate questions it receives concerning products purchased by the public.

Dr. Henry Winsor, M.D.published in the Medical Times and article documenting Chiropractic with 221 autopsy studies showing misalignment of all 48 spinal joints cause diseases of the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, gallstones, pancreas, spleen, kidney, prostate, bladder and uterus.

1926 - First Vitamin Discovered

Vitamin B1 was first isolated

1800-1929 - Herring's Law of Cure

Constantine Herring, M.D. developed Herring's Law of Cure: "All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared"

Louis Claude Vincent, France, French researcher and hydrologist, originator of the Biological Terrain Concept and developed the Vincent bio-electronigramm a special chemical analysis and graphic chart to determine each individual's "biological terrain" status.

F.X. Mayr-Czechoslovakian M.D. originator of the famous Mayr's Cure regarding digestion.

Dr. Charles Mayo, Founder of the world famous Mayo Clinics said:

"We are all afraid of germs because we are all ignorant of them. Germs are outside, what we should be afraid of is lowered resistance which comes from within."

Ann Wigmore-One of the originator's in the use of Wheat grass as a nourishing substance. Founded the famous Hippocrates Institutes in Boston and West Palm Beach.

Dr. Alexis Carrell - Nobel Prize recipient, known for his famous chicken heart tissue experiment: "The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cell something upon which to feed and, so far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever."

Hans Selye, M.D., University of Montreal, in his famous Medical Classic The Stress of Life: The human organism will, through the general adaptation syndrome (G.A.S), through intricate chemical physical regulatory mechanisms, attempt, as long as possible, to maintain it's existence within it's range of natural homeostasis and will compensate function in order to do so.

Royal Lee, DDS said:

"When our understanding of the biochemistry of the body in relation to the glands and nerves reaches the clinical level---the healing arts will have made one of their greatest advances. This soon will be a reality. But will require a system of appraisal at the clinical level based upon the study of the "whole person", and not by the presently employed diagnostic methods which are largely simple chemical analyses revealing only physical pictures of damage already done---as antiquated as the old daguerreotype (tin plate) photography with the modern cameras."

Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek -performed over 20,000 autopsies, and did not find 1 normal healthy colon.

Tilden, of Colorado, famous for his Tuberculosis/Pneumonia Sanitarium in Colorado, in which he did not use drugs, but utilized fasting, cleansing and wholesome raw natural foods---he did not lose 1 tuberculosis case.

Voll- and the original EAV work in Germany (electro acupuncture according to Voll).

Christian Eijkman, Dutch Physician-was the first to associate dietary deficiency to Beri-Beri (B1 deficiency).

Further vitamin research by others, revealed that vitamin complexes, to function properly, required activation by trace elements. It was determined that the accessory food factors (vitamins) did not perform alone but in conjunction with amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

Still later, it was realized that many vitamin fractions are inert until they are transformed (in vivo) to enzymes.

1930's - First Whole Food Nutrition Company

Victor Earl Irons, founded one of the first whole food nutritional companies in the U.S., Springreen, which is still in existence today. V.E. Irons was a Yale Graduate and one of the four founding fathers of our National Health Federation, which protects our natural health rights.

1932 - Enzymes

Dr. Edward Howell, physician and researcher, discovered that all food in its fresh, raw, state, contains its own enzymes, which are able to digest the raw food and deliver its nutrients. Dr. Howell's research, further revealed that a dramatic improvement in health and longevity is attained when the food "self digests", using its own naturally-occurring enzymes.

Dr. Robert W. Lovett, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School, published muscle monitoring against gravity tests to trace spinal nerve damage. Gravity tests was a muscle grading system of 5 levels of muscle strength termed Lovett Brothers. One area of the spine has a specific relationship with another area of the spine. The head is related to the pelvis, TM joints related to the sacroiliac joints, cervical vertebrae number one is related to lumbar vertebrae number 5, cervical vertebrae number two is related to lumbar vertebrae number 4, which matches continue to the center of the thoracic spine thoracic vertebrae number 5 is related to thoracic vertebrae number 6, which is where the diaphragm attaches to stabilize the whole spinal column.

1936 - First Synthetic Vitamin

Chemical scientists synthesize the first man made synthetic vitamin thiamine as a mirror image from the natural vitamin thiamine from coal tar. Mirror images are opposites thereby synthetic vitamins do not work the same as natural vitamins created by Mother Nature.

1938 - Colloidal Silver Safe

In 1938 Colloidal Silver was safe and already proven extremely effective against 650 bacteria subscribed by natural medicine doctors and obviously is still effective today.

1939 - Mother Nature Obeyed

In 1939 Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS said, "life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed." He published, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" documenting his findings around the world where he found tribes in their original natural environments were very healthy and those tribes who had access to eating unnatural processed white man foods caused extreme physical degeneration in abandoning their natural native traditional diets.

1940 - Pseudo-Vitamins

About the beginning of World War II, enrichment of refined, devitalized flour became compulsory. The enrichment, so called, was with synthetic mirror image fractions of pseudo-vitamins. The pseudo-science practice continues to this day.

Around this same time, authorities and scientists both here and in England strongly realized the effects of our deficient bread and cereals upon both the resistance of our people at home, but more particularly upon the Armed forces.

1941 - Chelation

Oral chelation was introduced in 1941 by the administration of ascorbic acid and natural chelated treated of blood poisoning with exceptionally good results.

1946 - Cause and Cure of Cancer Discovered

Otto Warburg, Ph.D of the Max Planck Institute in Germany: Oxygen is essential to respiration down to the cell level. The primary cause of disease is caused by oxygen and hydrogen ion deprivation at the cell respiratory mechanism inside the mitochondria of each cell. The first research into deprived oxygenation of the mitochondria was done by Otto Warburg. He won two Nobel prizes for discovering the cytochromic enzymes of the oxidative phosphorylation mechanism in 1946 and 1948. He proved, through experiments with live tissue cultures, that normal cells would convert to cancer cells when the oxygen tension drops below 35%.

1940 World War II - Essential Oils

French chemist and author, Dr. Gattefosse studied Essential Oils and their healing properties including antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. Lavender used to decrease pain, Lemon, Clove and Chamomile were used as disinfectants. TEa Tree Oil was used to stop gangrene and speed healing. Today it has been replaced with Neosporin that will do nothing to heal gangrene.

1945 - The Real Truth about Germs and Drugs

"Drugs like sulfa and pennicillin neither kill nor neutralize their toxins. They merely prevent germs from multiplying, so the the body can fight fight then on even terms."

Medicines "germ theory" and their falsely claimed "Killer Drugs," are a dead issue. "Smart Bugs," which are now running rampant throughout the world because the overuse of antibiotics. Natural herbs and essential oils work the best.

1948 EDTA Chelation of Lead

At the Detroit Providential Hospital, EDTA, ethylenedimininetetracetic acid, a synthetic chelator was used as IV chelation therapy of heavy metal lead in paints were discovered in Navy Armed Force victims of blood toxicity following World War II in painting their navel ships. The positive results from these earlier experiments laid the groundwork for the application of oral and suppository chelation therapy for arteriosclerosis. Plaque forming deposits of calcium, blood, albumin could be removed from the body tissues through suppository induced chelaters. The effect of the poor circulation is a factor in the degenerative disease and aging processes. By increasing circulation, these disease processes can be reversed, reduced or stopped.

1950 - Probiotics

Khem Shahani, world renowned leading microbiologist in the area of Probiotics such a acidophilus.
Over 120 peer reviewed research articles on probiotics. There is more good bacteria cells in the gut than there in the entire body. Probiotic health issues are directly related to the health of the stomach and the liver.

1951 - Artificial v. Natural Whole Food

Dr. Royal Lee, DDS, said, "One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the use of artificial chemical therapy over natural whole food."

1957 - Genes Adapt to Stress

Howard Temin won the Nobel Prize for showing that the genes in DNA could be altered. The RNA could rewrite the DNA sowing DNA changes and adapts to stress to survive.

1970 - Nerve Stress Discovered

Dr. Chung Ha Suh, Ph.D, born in Korea working in the Biomechanics Department of the University of Colorado where hew important studies were done on spinal nerves. He documented 3-5 grams of pressure shut the function down 50%. These landmark studies demonstrates physical mechanical stress on nerves is essential for life and health of every tissue, muscle, organs and joints.

1976 - Death Rate Dropped when Doctors on Strike

Medical Doctors went on strike in Los Angles County, California for one month and the death rate dropped 18%.

1980 Nobel Prize Brain Balance and Health

Nobel Prize in Medicine won by Dr. Roger Sperry demonstrating 90% of the brain is used for balance against gravity. Only 10% is used for healing, digestion and thinking.

1981 - Applied Kinesiology

Dr. George J. Goodheart, D.C. who discovered Applied Kinesiology said, "The healer within can be approached from without."

1989 - Shit Hits the Fan - AMA Felons

The new healing rediscoveries of "hands on" healing in Chiropractic Natural Medicine triggered the American Medical Association and ten other Medical Organizations to launch an illegal campaign attempting to eliminate Doctors of Chiropractic in the United States known as the Wilk v. AMA federal Anti-trust Sherman Act lawsuit that ended in victory as a felony against the AMA documented in the book: Medicine, Monopolies and Malice, How the Medical establishment attempted to destroy Chiropractic in the United States by Dr. Chester A. Wilk, D,C,

2000 - U.S. 37th in Healthcare in the Civilized World

In 2,000 it was shown the illusive supposed healthcare in the United States spends more money than any country in the world yet rated 37th among all other civilized countries in the world.

June 2,000 The British Medical Journal reported an Israeli medical strike in hospitals for three months where the death rate fell significantly.

2006 - Microsoft 7 Degrees of Seperation

Researchers at Microsoft Corporation, USA used instant messaging data documented using 30 billion instant message addresses, sent to 180 million people worldwide during a single month to confirm an initial folklore theory that is now documented mathematical fact that each person is only separated by seven links to everyone in the world documenting the world is connected.

2011 - Pharmaceutical Medicine in Nosedive

Pharmaceutical medicine is failing at a $50 billion loss annually dive to past blockbuster drug patents expiring as panic hits the drug industry all documented by 225,499 deaths from drug errors, unnecessary surgeries, medical doctor errors in hospitals, hospital born infections and adverse drug side effects. The drug Vioxx killed 130,000 people alone before lawsuits finally stopped its documented unsafe use. Hepatitis B vaccines for newborns have increased 50% in just 10 years and documented death rates go significantly down when medical doctors go on strike.

Dr. Ross discovered Getting Your Head On Straight in 2011 that corrects 90% of all neuro-musculoskeletal conditions including the #1 disabling diseases of Back and Neck pain in the world. The body when physically stressed causes a torque syndrome affecting all the weight bearing joints from head to toe.

The underlying root cause of the torque syndrome was discovered using two measurements. On using two digital weight bearing scales to measure a patients plumb balance against the force of gravity and the second is measuring the patient in a non-weight bearing supine position lying on the back on a therapy table.

Leg lengths are measured at the heels for balance of the hips and arms out streatched arms reaching above the head measuring wrists and fingers facing towards each other. A torque syndrome will show uneven leg lengths and uneven arms lengths.

The most common torque syndrome presentation is a left short leg and a long left arm.There is thirty segments referred the Lovett Brothers involved commonly referred in Osteopathy and Chiropractic. Twenty-four vertebrae in the spine, the occipital and sacral bones and the temporal mandibular joins and the sacroiliac joints. The torque syndrome follows Herrings Law of Cures were all cures start from the head down and in reverse order the symptoms have appeared. The #1 disabling disease in the world is back pain, which is one of the last symptoms to show up. The low back pain will only completely go away when Getting Your Head On Straight. Getting Your Head On Straight is the last correction to show up. The torque syndrome will change with each segment that needs to be corrected. The torque syndrome is corrected when heels and hands balanced along with the digital postural weight bearing balance is between 0 to 4 pounds or kilograms different.

From Hippocrates saying, " Get knowledge of the spine, for there is the cause for many diseases" to Getting Your Head On Straight is now the only natural medicine healing system that measures both before and after treatment. A system that discovers the root cause of disease, makes very specific corrections to the joints and supporting muscles, then analysis the whole body balance system for a complete correction each and every office visit. The results are felt instantly. You would not believe it without personally being the patient or observed another receiving the treatment with your own eyes.

The healing system has taken over thirty-three years and observing over 200,000 patients returned to excellent health today the treatment can be performed in minutes.

2014 - Cause and Cure of Scoliosis

Following the torque syndrome discovery there was some patients that could not be balanced until Dr. Ross discovered the cause of the disabling disease called static scoliosis that originates with a genetic short leg discovered in treating identical twins both with scoliosis and crippling chronic back and leg pain. Identical twins are mirror images of each other genetically. If one twin identical has a mole or his or her left check the other identical twin has a mole on the right check.

One identical twin had chronic low back and leg pain including a short left leg. The other identical twin had chronic low back and leg pain including a right short leg. Once the genetic short leg was corrected with a heel lift insert to the shoe on the short side would they balance. The chronic back and leg pain was corrected following many years of suffering.

2016 - The cause and cure of the #1 Disabling Epidemic Diseases of Back and Neck Pain in the world.

BACK HELP! by Dr. Calvin B. Ross is the author, director and founder of Ross Wellness for expert treatments of the brain and spine, where special treatment creates miracles, a budding franchise who discovered the torque syndrome formally named the BodyBestTM Holographic Harmonic Healing Technique that teaches natural medicine doctors how to create Miracles in treating patients.

In addition to treating the #1 disabling epidemic diseases of Back and Neck Pain in the world. Other natural medicine treatments include safe Colloidal Silver for bacterial and viral treatment. Safe Natural Herbal Medicine Detox Cleanse Programs for the Kidneys, Adrenals, Liver, Gall Bladder and Bowel. Massage, Sports Massage, Infrared Sauna with color light therapy and Heavy Metal Ionic Detox.

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