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The Fountain of Youth Opening

Date: May 19, 2016 | Time: 10:05pm

The Fountain of Youth Opening discovered on Turtle Island featuring the Arrowhead Mystery, Medicine and Music book series thriller.

This is where you will receive mystery upon mystery scientifically solved inside each chapter leading to the fountain of youth opening. You will receive Arrowhead Gold Certificates from your quiz scores given at the end of each book to be redeem at the fountain of youth opening.

Book Series I

Discover the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Mystery of Arrowhead Mountain on Turtle Island at the power grid of the world on Latitude 33N.

The Multiple Mystery Discoveries of the Giant Arrowhead on the Mountain

Chapters Written include:

  1. The Mystery Magic of Number 33
  2. Your Mystery Magical Trip Around the World on legendary Latitude on 33N Meridian
  3. The Mystery of the Arrowhead on the Mountain Discovered
  4. The Multiple Ancient Arrowhead Legends and The Native American Arrowhead Curse
  5. The Unbelievable Year of Hollywood Stars in 1939 at Arrowhead Springs Resort
  6. The documented healing waters at Arrowhead Springs claimed the Fountain of Youth
  7. Balneotherpy Spas throughout the would Today

Book Series II

Discover the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Mystery of the Fountain of Youth Magic Medicine Mineral Springs

  1. Real Juvenile Magic Natural Medicine Healing Water
  2. Natural Medicine Mineral Balneotherpy Therpay Discovered at Arrowhead Springs
  3. Death in consuming prescribed Pharmeucital Drugs containing Chemical Preservative
  4. Natural Medicine Vaporizing Minerals from Underground Steam Caves
  5. The World Famous Healing Hot Springs at France
  6. Natural World famous Arsenic Healing at Arrowhead Springs USA discovered with Tissue Mineral Analysis
  7. The Real Fountain of Youth Discovered

Book Series III

Discover the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Mystery inside the Fountain of Youth Seven Music Mystery frequencies inside our Harmonic Galactic Universe

  1. The Mystery Frequencies of Music Discovered
  2. The Mystery of the Seven Music Frequencies Discovered representing the diatonic music scale
  3. The Mystery Discovery Frequency Living Earth discovered as the Schumann Frequency
  4. Aesculapius god of Medicine discovered below the Arrowhead on the Mountain
  5. The harmonious frequencies of sound including music, light and color.
  6. Musical Medicine Keynote of of the Universe of 432 hertz frequency not 440 hertz frequency
  7. Go to the 432 light frequency

Estimated Publishers Book Series I, II and III Trilogy in Paperback Initially Priced at: $19.99 each

Leave post or general comment for any particular trilogy book interest and chapter questions to the founder and author of the the fountain of youth opening, Dr. Ross.

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