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Train Your Brain

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Train Your Brain To Live Your Dreams To Become a Champion in Any Walk of Life Today!

Train Your Brain For Speed, Coordination, and Talent

MXperts are now revealing the secrets to you after 60 years of combined clinical research and thousands of brain profiles for you to receive a personal written performance brain profile program to know exactly how to train your brain to become a champion in any sport today.

You can print MXperts personal athletic stress survey FREE to be filled out and you can determine if you would like to have a personal brain profile performance written report.

Print Your Personal Athletic Stress Survey (PASS).

MXperts also are seeking professionals to become Train Your Brain MXperts certified. Call 800-386-3929 for qualifications.

MXperts brain profile programs for superior sports performance in any sport today can be used for the whole team, individual players, difficult or injured athletes, and/or scouting prospects including:

1. Brain dominance profile mapping and brain dominance programming for superior performance.

2. Adrenal Stress analysis and correction for superior strength and stamina.

3. Emotional overlay complex analysis and correction for superior performance, even under pressure.

4. Structural balance analysis and correction for speed, coordination, and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, especially, backs, hips, knees, and ankles.

5. Brain wave frequency analysis and biofeedback correction, including natural medicine for superior brain focus in the ZONE.

6. Tissue Mineral Analysis and heavy metal detox chelation with essential mineral balance for superior health and sustained wellness as an elite athlete.

This is the competitive edge you’re seeking for you and your team, or franchise, in all, a win-win sports superior performance proposal with our guaranteed results of 2% to 5% statistical improvement.

Train Your Brain programs by MXperts vary in fee schedule depending on the number of team members analyzed in a given season.

Call for next Seminar Presentation on Train Your Brain in San San Juan Capistrano, CA 9267

San Juan Capistrano Seminar Schedule

$20 early bird registration

$25 at the door.

Call 800-386-3929

Specific questions you may have, send your inquires to: myxperts@gmail.com

Train Your Childs Brain for Superior Aptitude. Attitude, and Academics is the current training Manuel for child development for $79.95, shipping is included for orders in the U.S.

Bonus! While supplies last you will receive Secrets of Health CD, a 144 questions and answers from Dr. Ross's interview on WII FM Radio FREE.

Order your Train Your Brain Development Manual and Free CD Now! 1-800-386-3929

Train Your Brain Authors & Seminar Leaders:

Dr. Ross, D.C. & Coach O'Connor

With 60 years of combined clinical experience in brain profiles, brain function, and superior performance clinical research.

MyXperts Brain Twisters for you to think about until we meet.

1. Why do flies fly around in circles when they can fly anywhere?
2. What does the phrase "Bird Brain" mean?
3. What is the world's tallest and most efficient water pump?
4. Is H2O Sentient?
5. How long does Coral live?
6. A comparison of "Fore brain matter" to average "body weight," what animal or animal's might be more intelligent than humans?
7. What and where is the world's largest living organism?
8. How old is the largest living organism?
9. Does lightning go Up or Down . . . . from the ski to the earth . . . . or . . . . from the earth to the ski? (Trick Question.)
10. Can a plant anticipate?
11. Why is pure H20 insufficient? (Demonstration)
12. Do plants respond to music?
13. How many different emotions can the human brain elicit?
14. Why are 85% of humans Right handed?
15. What one thing is NOT identical with identical twins?
16. Why are 5 out of 6 reading disabled students boys?
17. What's more capable of recovering from injury . . . . Liver . . . . Heart . . . . Brain? (Trick Question)
18. Does the human body carry a measurable electric current?
19. How can you prove the human body carries a electric current? (Demonstration)
20. What's harder to hit . . . . a golf ball straight for 900 feet . . . or a baseball thrown at you 450 feet? (Not a trick question)
21. In basketball how accurate do you have to be to shoot a free throw?
22. What is 5 X 4 + 7 divided by 3 + 1 X 8 + 20 and the square root + 13?
23. Is it a prime number or not? Yes or No quickly please?
24. Can you tell from a penny, nickel, dime, and a quarter which side is heads or tails? Prove it? (Demonstration.)
25. Do you know your learning style . . . . For sure?
26. Can you catch a penny from your elbow?
27. When is Autism not Autism?
28. Exactly how much time do you have to decide to swing a bat at a ball thrown to you at 90 mph?
29. Once you decide it will be a strike, exactly how much time do you have to swing the bat?
30. Mystery question?
31. At what point in life does the brain "top out" . . . . meaning the ability to learn like a child suddenly drops off? (Trick question)
32. When does peak performance peak?
33. What causes the loss of peak performance?
34. Can peak performance be restored to peak performance once it has been lost?
35. What's more important . . . . multiple Rep's or Visual Perfection?

Have fun!